What Employma Is

two-way matching

We create matching platforms for professionals + organizations that automatically find your best options without the hard work.

It's not another spammy job board or resume database. We're reimagining search + recruiting—making it faster, easier, safer, and more private for everyone.

How Employma Works

Buckle up—this goes quickly.

Step 1: You Answer Easy Questions

You answers help us understand what you can offer and what you want. We ask both employers and pros to answer different but complimentary questions about their unique interests.

Step 2: Data Science—We Match You Up

Sit back and relax. We deploy the power of data science to automatically discover your best matches from the data based on what you and your counterpart each say you need and can offer each other.

Step 3: Navigate Results & Choose

You see results according to your preferences onscreen. You get to see how well you match-up with your counterparts and check the results yourself to make sure they make sense. From there we help you communicate, followup, and get the interview.


How We Benefit Pros

We help you find the perfect job, automatically and anonymously.

Confidential. No wasted time.

Search with confidence. Choose which employers see you. See how well you fit before you commit.

Organizations Come to You!

We do the hard work, you get the benefits—we’re your tool for getting ahead.

Quick & Easy

We’ve banished duplicate applications, long searches, resume tweaking, and time-wasting leads.

Instant Gratification

Know how well you fit with different employers—ranked from best-fit to worst-fit.

No Black Holes—Continuous Feedback

Get feedback from recruiters and see progress. It’s easy to get lost. We keep you in touch.

Customized to Your Preferences

We learn what you want most and match it. You’ll find awesome fits here you won’t anywhere else.

How We Benefit Orgs

Find well qualified workers who will be happy and productive in your organization.

Confidential. No Resume pile.

It's double-blind—you're invisible until you find a good fit. This prevents bias and bad resume piles.

15 – 45min Setup Time

Answer some simple questions, tell us what you want + can offer, and we do the rest!

Less Waiting

You’re probably used to posting and waiting days /weeks. Instead start comparing right away.

Pre-Sorted Candidates By Fit

Instead of sifting through resume keywords, we use data to sort by weighted position-fit.

Preview Before You Commit

See non-contact info before you commit anything so you know you’re getting a good fit.

High Quality Results

Bilateral compensatory analyis assures high quality. We analyze 50% more info than you do alone.

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